Bloom Mentor

Mentoring, leadership training and internship opportunities.


AS WOMEN LEADERS, we know the career-path journey can be challenging on many levels. BLOOM is an opportunity for seasoned women leaders to help the next generation of girls get ready to THRIVE in the career path of their choosing. Wouldn't it be nice if someone gave you a hand up? Now YOU can do that for girls following the trail you've blazed!

The BLOOM program pairs high school & college girls with women  leaders for monthly career mentoring sessions. Mentor-Student pairs meet for two 60-minute sessions each month November - May. Students explore a range of topics with their mentors including education, career path, industry focus, lessons learned and critical leadership skills. BLOOM mentors can join students at monthly 'Pop-up' events where students learn to apply new skills and expand their circle.

The application process for mentors and students is an investment of time to insure that all participants experience dynamic and rewarding learning. BLOOM is a non-profit company funded by donors and business partners. The program is no cost to students and mentors are asked to make a $100 charitable contribution to offset administrative costs. 

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