Growing future women leaders.



BLOOM Development is a 501c3 nonprofit company funded by our generous business and individual donors. Through a charitable contribution, people like you are making it possible to change the world for good and prepare for a brighter future!


Shaping a world where girls become

women who do the work they love.


Inspiring a Spirit of Career Exploration


Learn. Grow. Lead

BLOOM mentorship

Explore career options, learn from experts in your interest area and gain the critical skills you need to be successful 

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Learn to lead in real-time

BLOOM internship

Internship opportunities for BLOOM program participants who have completed at least one mentoring cycle

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BLOOM camp

Students and mentors gather for laughter and learning in a fun, interactive conference setting

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BLOOM partner

Invest to equip the next generation of leaders

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We are better together. By sharing experience and wisdom, mentors make a dramatic difference for mentees. When you learn from someone who has already traveled a particular learning or career path, that knowledge can help to inform your choices and make your own journey more clear!


Dedicated to change.

Our BLOOM Crew represents a sum total of decades of work experience. In spite of wonderful opportunities opening for many women in many fields, some stark statistics still surprise and disappoint us.

In the U.S., women hold approximately 51% of manager positions but that number drops sharply and quickly as responsibility increases. Only 1 of 5 senior and executive leadership positions are held by women and less than 6% of Fortune 500 CEO positions are held by women. We can do better!