To move forward, you have to give back.


About our Mentors

You have accomplished tremendous things in your career and your experience can pave the way for young women following in your footsteps. Help educate, encourage and develop today’s women, into tomorrow’s leaders!

Invest in the BLOOM community by giving your professional experience and time to the women of the future. By joining as a mentor, you will be part of creating something incredible.

BLOOM mentors hold current positions of leadership in their fields, manage or have managed people in direct or indirect relationships and have a commitment to invest in the next generation of future leaders. As a Mentor, you'll meet two times monthly with your mentee to discuss the monthly topic and how you have applied that topic in your career journey. You'll be teaching your mentee student based on your experience and you may even learn some new things along the way! 

The BLOOM mentor commitment is about 2-4 hours monthly (November - May), depending on whether you meet virtually or in-person and optional attendance at the monthly 'Pop-up.' So, with your gift of about 30 hours over the coming school year you will change a girls life! 

The BLOOM program is no charge to students. We ask mentors to contribute $100 toward background check and processing costs. BLOOM is a non-profit organization funded by charitable contributions, grants and business sponsors.


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