To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.


About BLOOM Students

The BLOOM experience will give you a range of learning opportunities to help equip you for leadership. As you participate in the BLOOM program, you’ll learn from experienced leaders, gain hands-on experience through volunteer and internship opportunities and become part of a community of women helping women to be more successful in work and life.

BLOOM students are young women in college or 11th - 12th grade high school students who are actively seeking opportunities to learn, grow and become future leaders. You may be a leader in your current school or work setting or would like to explore leadership. BLOOM students are enthusiastic, hard-working and excited about the future.

A note to parents/guardians: BLOOM Development is a resource partner to support your student in her learning and career journey. It is our goal to work WITH you in preparing her for education and future career choices by providing exciting, valuable learning experiences. The safety and protection of our BLOOM members is a top priority. All BLOOM mentors participate in a rigorous application process including background check, references and interview prior to being accepted as BLOOM mentors. 


Welcome to the BLOOM student application process

By applying you are committing to the following program expectations:

  • Timely attendance of two 60 min mentoring sessions as scheduled with your mentor monthly

  • Proactively reschedule any sessions as needed due to conflicts

  • Advance preparation of any pre-work prior to each mentoring session

  • Attend at least 3 BLOOM pop-ups to meet other participants

  • Participate with other students in BLOOMsolutions, a “Capstone” project, working together to imagine a solution to a current social problem.

  • Participate in at least 1 annual community volunteer event

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